Travel Tips


Montana is a unique destination for travel, and you need to be prepared. Please use the following travel tips below to help you prepare for your Montana experience.

Weather: The weather in western Montana can change from day to day. Average highs will be in the 80F, but expect the lows to be a chilly 50F. You can also expect an occasional evening thunder and lightning storm that could have rain with it, so have a good rain jacket or poncho.

Walking: most of our tours will include walking on hard surfaces, however we will walk in natural landscapes (sometimes rugged and uneven surfaces) on at least one day of the tour, so bring sturdy shoes. Rain is always a possibility, so waterproof shoes are always a good selection.

Wildlife: Our wildlife viewing will be from a distance, so bear spray will not be required. Bring a camera to capture Montana’s abundant bird, fish, insect and large mammal and plant populations.

WiFi: Missoula has great wireless internet connections in its public places and in the restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Cell service is also available at most locations we will explore. So, if you prefer, you will be able to stay in contact with the modern world during your heritage tour exploring the past.